Building Storyworlds - the art, craft & biz of storytelling in 21c is an ongoing prototype and story R&D (research & development) project created by Lance Weiler. The goal of the project is to develop an open resource that experiments with the notion of storytelling in the 21st Century.

The prototyping is centered around a book that was written in tweets. Using the limitations of twitter, each page of the book was written in a 140 characters or less. The 140 theme is then carried further as the book will be released in a 140 copy run. An experiment in scarcity and abundance, each page of the book says “set this book free please retweet.”  

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Elements of the book form the foundation of the course that Weiler teaches at Columbia University. The goal of this blog is to extend both the class and the book, in an attempt to develop an open resource centered on storytelling in the 21st Century.

In addition, a series of experiments that strive to put theory into practice will be conducted each semester. Students and global collaborators will work together to  design, build, and produced an immersive storytelling experience. The whole process will be openly documented and released under a creative commons license in an attempt to gain a better understanding of what goes into creating immersive storytelling experiences.

We welcome your thoughts, comments and suggestions as we are interested in finding global collaborators to take part in the ongoing prototyping and R&D efforts. 

For more on Lance Weiler visit his site.